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Klub by alma

Klub by Alma is a tribute to the disco cocktails of the 1970s – an era when classic mixology was momentarily replaced by playful colourful drinks, cocktail umbrellas, and pineapple juice. Piña Colada and G&T ruled over Manhattan; the dark intimacy of a traditional cocktail bar gave way to neon lights, disco buzz and glitter of Studio 54.

It's exactly this vibe – but with carefully selected top ingredients and fine-tuned drinks crafted by Alma's bartenders Pavel Sochor and Matouš Boček – that will lure you to the Klub in Alma's historic cellar. DJ set every week, lush flavours, colours & (guilty) pleasure.

Klub by Alma is also a digital art gallery, so when you're not enjoying the interplay of colours and textures in your glass, you can lose yourself in the shifting shades of the light installation above the bar, or the video projections created by Alex Jindrák, a multidisciplinary artist (Modified Studio) who has also designed the Klub's interior.

Klub by Alma in collaboration with Ultra Premium Brands.


We are taking a summer break: during the holiday season, the Klub will be open only for special occasions. But we'll be back in full groove soon – see you in September!

Klub by Alma is located in Alma's underground. Simply enter as if you were going to the restaurant/café, then turn right and take the stairs towards the lower level.

No reservations needed.

PRIVATE EVENTS & venue hire

You can also enjoy the unique atmosphere of our Klub privately – rent it for a company party, tasting, presentation, birthday celebration, or a launch event!

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