Alma is a new chapter in the life of an old neigbourhood. An avant-garde soul that, after decades of decay, revives the site of the popular interwar cinema of the same name, where people would go to hang out and see arthouse movies until the 1960s.

Our restaurant, café and bar want to be the beating gastronomic and cultural heart of the entire neigbourhood, which is nestled behind the National Theatre. A place where you’ll feel at home, from your first morning coffee to the last drink of the evening.

An exciting sequel

Alma is a new chapter in the Kro Kitchen story – we're drawing on all the passion, know-how and philosophy gained from running these popular bistros, café and bakery and taking it to yet another level here at Alma. We're building the place we've always dreamed of: a spacious and multi-faceted culinary concept with a courtyard garden, a rooftop beehive and an old historic cellar that will come alive with cultural events as well as our own fermentation experiments. Alma will be an organism pulsing with new ideas thanks to the enthusiastic team of professionals who all pull together.

Genius loci of old Prague

Alma brings new soul to a storied building – its unique, generous and free-flowing space used to be many, many things: an interwar cinema, print shop, hat-maker’s shop, Baroque cellar, Gothic dwellings, stables and a leather tannery over the course of the more than six centuries of its existence. (This is also the origin of the name of the street where Alma is located: Jirchář is an old Czech name for the craftsman who processes fine leather.)

We are inspired by the time when Prague was one of the burgeoning centres of European culture and its cafés were an essential institution of the city's social life. We take much joy and pride in the opportunity to bring the spirit of freedom and honest craftsmanship back to the place where it once flourished.

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