AlmaTalks is an emerging series of events aiming to foster discussion and collaboration within the local community of foodie enthusiasts, restaurateurs and all professionals from the hospitality industry who are constantly thinking about how to do things better. How to push boundaries not only in the quality of food, service, atmosphere, the selection of raw materials and products, but also in communicating our activities to the outside world since it allows us to influence our guests' perception of food in a broader cultural-ecological context.

You can look forward to short talks, Q&As and live panel discussions with seasoned food pros both local and from abroad, chefs, craft producers and farmers on the topics of soil and food supply chains, zero waste approaches, the latest gastronomic trends, hospitality work culture, journalism, food styling and food influencership.

Broaden your horizons and discuss what's hot or not in the world of food and hospitality with us!

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date: 25. 6. 2024
venue: Alma Prague

On food, soil and cooperation with farmers

Today, there is no longer any doubt that the way we eat profoundly influences our health, landscape, water cycles, climate, and last but not least, the relationships around us. In his well-known TED talk, Chad Frischmann discusses the twenty most important solutions to the climate crisis, more than half of which involve specific changes in the food or agricultural systems, and their common denominator is the soil and how it is managed.

The first AlmaTalks event is thus dedicated to how this agenda can be directly influenced by the hospitality industry, from fine dining to bistros and cafes to large-scale catering such as hospitals or school canteens, through the selection of ingredients. Every product can be a tool for change if chosen in collaboration with farmers and with the common goal of regenerating the soil and building quality relationships.